Mikrokulki szklane

Glass microbeads

Glass microbeads are used as abrasive blasting material for polishing and planishing the surface of treated material. Application of this product allows to obtain high repeatability of final results. At the same time, chemical inertness and low level of abrasive wear of glass microbeads are the reason, why this product has found many purchasers between plants, which run highly specialized and precise processing in aircraft and aerospace industry, as well as instruments preparation and medical applications.

Mikrokulki szklane

Nowadays we notice an increased interest for glass microbeads in artistic branches, where they are used as a material for coating surfaces, in order to obtain compund light reflection, also in advertising and building industry.
The glass microbeads, which we offer, contain no lead, they are packed in bags a 25 kg.

SiO2 – 70-73%
Na2O+K2O – 13-15%
CaO – 7-11%
MgO – 3-5%
Al2O3 – 0,5-2%

Mikrokulki szklane

Spread from: To
40 µm 80 µm
70 µm 110 µm
90 µm 150 µm
100 µm 200 µm
150 µm 250 µm
200 µm 300 µm
300 µm 400 µm
400 µm 600 µm
400 µm 800 µm
600 µm 800 µm

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